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Tifana, better known as Ti (ティー) , is one of two companions of Shizu during his travels. Riku serves as her guardian.

Personality and Appearance

Ti first introduced to Shizu in the Ship Country by an elder as his guide. She is about twelve years of age, or at least, around the same height of a girl at that age. Her hair is short and white, unlike the remainder of the citizens in the country, who have black and brown hair. She also has an eye color that is not shared with anyone else in the country. Despite her age, she wears a stony expression on her face.

She dresses in gray shorts and a long brown shirt, with patches all over. Despite owning other articles of clothing, she chooses to wear this at all times.

She oftentimes wears a large messenger bag on her back, as well as elbow and knee guards. Her shoes are made of rubber

She speaks quite little, preferring to answer "yes" or "no" questions with nods or shakes of her head, and refuses to talk about her family.

Ti appears to have an attachment to grenades, so far as attempting to bring them along with her on a stroll. She is eventually gifted a grenade launcher by Shizu, knowing that she has difficulty throwing them. She is also known to own a ballistic knife.

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