Country of the Majority

The Country of Majority is a country that overthrew a corrupt monarch, only to take democracy to an extreme level.


The Country of the Majority that Kino visits is a country of just one man, named Kanaye.

Ten years ago, it was a monarchy run by a tyrant king who spent his time praising and drink about his palace while the crops failed and the country slipped into economic ruin.


Background and Absolute Democracy

The country was once a monarchy, but the king's tyrannical rule led to the revolt of his subjects and serfs, leading to the introduction of an absolute democracy, where all political matters are decided by majority vote of all the residents in the country. The first vote they made was what to do with the overthrown, tyrannical king. it was a unanimous vote, with 98% of the majority wanting the king to be eviscerated and executed.

From then on, the citizens began voting on everything until "dangerous" ideas began to come up. Some of the population didn't like how slow the process of absolute democracy was, and instead of waiting a round to vote, a small fraction said that they should choose someone to make all their decisions. This didn't go well with the others, so the majority found them guilty of impeding the progress of the democracy, and they where put to death.

Eventually all discussions of the vote became deadly. For example, one man was dissatisfied with the tax rate, and he died. A few people disagreed with the decision to turn the royal palace into a place of total death and ruin. So a large group of abolitionists got the death penalty. Not long after, they ran out of graves, so a decision was made to use the palace as a grave yard. Anyone who opposed the majority was killed of.

16474 people in total were executed in this country. notably a man who wanted to leave the country. The man who wanted to leave was voted to death, leaving just Kanaye and his wife. Kanaye's wife dies from illness half a year before Kino and Hermes arrive at the country.

Interaction with Travelers

As Kino and Hermes are the only travelers Kanaye meets, or has stated to have met, one can believe that the country's interaction with travelers was fairly friendly, at least until conversations requiring democratic decisions arose.