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Photo (フォト) is one of the main characters in the Kino no Tabi universe, who works as a photographer. Her partner is Sou, her red motorrad.

Personality and Appearance

Photo first appears dressed in long grey pants, a long sleeved shirt and a pair of ragged shoes. As a slave, she also wore a locked leather necklace with a chain attached to a truck.

After being freed, she oftentimes wears her long black hair up in a bun, held with a hairpin. She dresses in jeans that are easy to move around in and a long sleeved shirt under a green vest covered in pockets.

Photo was brought up an obedient girl who was prim and proper. Due to her religion's teachings, she is a little ignorant of the world - putting much faith into people and never acting with malice towards them.

She is quite the workaholic, and complains when she's bored. Due to her lack of formal education and refusal to attend school, she is unable to take any proper jobs, though she seems to enjoy hard labor,

She enjoys photography to the point of addiction, from which she gains her nickname.


  • The truck in which Photo had found Sou was filled with items that she exchanged in return for her citizenship in a lawful country. It had originally been owned by merchants who frequently visited the country, and upon its return, the government allowed Photo to auction off the items.
  • Photo has enough money to live luxuriously for ten years.
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