「Overprotection」 Do You Need It? (過保護」 ("Kahogo") —Do You Need It?—) is the second chapter of the second volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—.


In a certain country Hermes is parked to the side and standing in front of it is a bickering couple and their son. As Kino attempts to get around them to Hermes, the father demands her opinion on the matter.

Kino hasn't been listening and doesn't understand, but the mother immediately says that the parents are arguing if their son, a small boy, ought to wear a bulletproof vest.

The parents explain that a war has recently broken out between their country and another. As such the government is recruiting soldiers to fight the war. The mother wishes the boy to wear a bulletproof vest to protect him, and the father proclaims that she's being too overprotective.

Kino notices the child by his parents' side, and suggests they should ask the child's opinion. The parents take a liking to this idea, but when prompted the boy feebly says that he doesn't want to go to war which angers his parents. The parents then proclaim that their son must go to war for his own good, to use as a stepping stone to become a hero, get into a good college and get a good job as an adult.

The parents continue to bicker in place until Kino suggests that perhaps the family ought to rethink the matter with their son. The parents become upset and tell her to mind her own business. They decide to settle the matter later instead and forcefully drag their son to the recruitment office.

Kino is now able to return to Hermes and the motorad says it must have been tough. She agrees as she drives away.

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