The Land of Permitted Murder is a country visited by Kino in the 2nd chapter of Volume 5, or the 1st episode of the 2017 anime. It is a country that is known to permit murder.


The Land of Permitted murder is a small country. surrounded by white stone walls connected to a nearby lake with aqueducts and canals. Kino and Hermes note that the town is beautiful, and not nervous at the fact that their country permits murder. The country does not seem to be heavily policed and stores are not shuttered to prevent from theft.

It takes about a half day to finish the entire tour of the country.

One man of note in the Land of Permitted Murder is named Mr. Regel, who is known to be "from a big country to the south". A well-known fugitive of his time, he was a leader of a band of robbers and terrorists, and was wanted for being a serial killer. He escaped before being executed and now lives in this country.


Everyone in the country wields a weapon on their persons at all times in case of "sort of situations". Despite this, there are no ruffians or random fights visible during Kino's stay. Kino notes that the public order in the country is very good. The citizens are very welcoming of those who can kill people, and are quick to suggest for Kino to immigrate.

The country's known for their sweets - a large stack of crepes inbetween layers of cream.It seems to be quite renowned, as a traveler attempts to ask Kino if the rumor of the crepes is true.

People who have killed others, have tried to kill others, and who try to kill others are killed in this country, usually by the rest of the citizens.

Interaction with Travelers

Kino notes that the citizens are kind to travelers and talk to her politely; the storekeeper gave her a discount on her purchases.