Kino's home country is home to the original Kino. The younger visits this country in hopes to return the coat that her predecessor wore to his mother. This is also young Kino's first country visit, and the start of her travels.


Kino's country is, according to the gunpowder seller Kino meets in Shishou's home, two days by carriage, but one day by motorrad. It is connected to their home by a straight road, so there is no worry about getting lost.

The stone walls of the country are covered in ivy, making it the same colour as the forest itself, and judging by the curve, housed a fairly small country.

The movie depicts original Kino's house as a two-story cream house with blue trimmings along the windows and roof.


It appears that the citizens of this country are all given resident numbers, as the orignal Kino's was found in his coat pocket, allowing for the guards and Kino to find his house.

The neighbour who saves Kino from the original's mother states that while "self-defense" is not a crime in their country, "aiding a suicide" is, with the punishment of deportation.