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For the Original Kino, please see Kino (Male)

Kino (キノ?) is the main character of Kino's Journey. Kino is a composed, stoic, and precocious teenager who travels with a motorrad, Hermes in search of a country with specific desired characteristics.


Kino is a fifteen or sixteen-year-old traveler. Although she appears apathetic at first, she is a caring and understanding person. Kino travels through different countries to experience their customs and understand their histories, but never stays longer than three days. She is afraid of settling down because it would cause her to no longer be a traveler.

Kino no Tabi v12 182-183 - Copy

Kino standing guard over Hermes.

Kino is an excellent marksman with amazing speed, agility, and accuracy. She initially traveled with only a revolver type persuader "Canon" (which ressembles a colt 1851 navy in appearance) that is loaded with liquid gunpowder and six .44 caliber bullets Kino used solely for the execution or maiming of other humans or hunting. She was later gifted with a semi-auto persuader, "Woodsman", a .22 caliber autoloading pistol (directly based on the Colt Woodsman match target series with a compensated barrel) which replaced the revolver's purpose of hunting. Kino uses "Woodsman" if she is hunting down other humans without an intent to harm or kill. Kino also sometimes uses a sniper persuader "Flute" (a portable, take-down model based on an m14 rifle) which she normally keeps folded and taken apart in a suitcase on top of her luggage. Kino makes use of many knives hidden in various locations in her clothing and pouches for cooking, distraction, and close-combat. Kino also carries a double edged knife with a cylindrical handle that doubles as a triple-barrelled .22 gun complete with a laser sight as an emergency weapon. She uses all of her weapons with extreme proficiency. She inspects her equipment periodically.

While adept at being a survivalist, Kino has a knack to disappear with impeccable timing to prevent physical and/or emotional harm. She often monologues many times to Hermes that she is no "God". She is often asked to give assistance and lend her skills to people, but she is never temped to do so. Her principle is, "the world is not beautiful; and that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty."

Kino's honesty is brutal, and her self-loyalty trumps all of her actions. However, she is known to assist others simply because she "wants to", giving a glimpse to her kind nature.

Kino has a sweet tooth; it is used as comic relief against a bleak backdrop of survival and hardships of traveling. Another source of comic relief is her preference for tidiness; Kino is vexed whenever she cannot maintain a good physical appearance. Kino is also a bad cook. During Kino's years of training, while she demonstrated outstanding proficiency with firearms, her motorcycle riding could be clumsy at times. She would sometimes drop Hermes to the ground after forgeting to use the kickstand, much to Hermes' chagrin.


  • An inconsistency is revealed in the anime as her percussion revolver, modeled after the 1851 Colt Navy, is a .44 caliber. Although the physical design of the pistol is that of a 1851 Colt Navy, whose features include its flathead lower receiver, an octagonal barrel, and being .36 caliber bore. The .44 caliber, the one her gun is, was utilized for the 1860 Colt army which had a smoother, round barrel finish and an expanded lower receiver design.
  • In Sigsawa's "Gakuen Kino" Kino is a highschool magical girl who defeats the evils which appear in their world, known as Mysterious Bishoujo Gun Fighter Rider Kino.
  • A chibi version of Kino was portrayed in the introductory bonus anime clip of the 15th anniversary of the Dengeki Movie Festival (2007).
  • Kino appears in the DanMachi ~Memoria Freese~ mobile game as part of a collaboration between the two series.
  • Kino likes knives and occassionally she will buy one at a country if she thinks it is pretty.
  • Kino's .22 pistol, 'Woodsman' is left handed since it's previous owner was left handed.
  • "Kino" is the german word for "Cinema"


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