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Hermes (エルメス, Erumesu?) is a talking motorrad who travels with Kino to various countries and lands.


Hermes is often pessimistically realist, unbiased, and usually comes across as the comic relief character. He has a tendency to complain, which sometimes annoys Kino. Despite this, he is a very reliable companion both mentally and physically, as he is the only person who Kino can speak with about their innermost thoughts. He is naive and innocent in many ways, often believing things that are only meant as a joke. He also has a habit of trying to state famous quotes, but usually forgets or changes them, prompting Kino to correct him. Although Hermes can be interpreted as a caring companion towards Kino, Hermes however does not care whoever his rider is. His sole purpose is to provide speed while a rider provides him with a direction and balance. If Kino were to be killed, he would have to wait for an extended period of time before another traveler utilizes him as a mode of transportation. Kino is well aware of Hermes's purpose as a motorrad and therefore fiercely protects him from anybody attempting to steal or damage him as well as themself in order for Hermes to continue having a rider. 

Hermes is also extremely intelligent in literal data. He can assess physical situations to an extremely complex degree but is annoyingly vague in expressing it. In the anime, he uses his knowledge to assess a mythical flying machine was indeed able to fly provided with sufficient thrust. 

Real-Life Counterpart[]

Brough Superior SS100 Grand Alpine. One of the many models Hermes closely resembles.

Hermes is a Brough Superior SS100. It is not known which exact model of SS100 he is. Brough Superior SS100's are one of the most collectible motorcycles as less than 350 survive to this day. The SS100 was an icon of the consumer motorrad market in the early 20th century as each SS100 was guaranteed to reach 100mph and was the first production motorcycle to reach such speeds. It remains an iconic feat of engineering in the motorcycling industry even to this day.


  • Engine sounds from a vintage Brough Superior SS100 were recorded to make Hermes' engine sounds in the anime.
  • In "Gakuen Kino," Hermes is a cell phone strap. He is described as two canvas strips connected by a brass buckle with a Brough Superior SS100 engraved upon it. His personality has not changed.
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