「Her Journey」(「彼女の旅」 ("Kanojo no Tabi")) is a two-part story in the sixth volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—, consisting of the first chapter「Her Journey」—Chances— and second chapter 「Her Journey」—Love and Bullets—. The second chapter has been adapted into anime form.


「Her Journey」—Chances—

「Her Journey」—Love and Bullets—

As Kino takes a boat downriver and enjoys a lazy fishing trip, she finds herself recalling the people she has met on her travels — people who were undertaking journeys of their own, from a woman seeking revenge for her husband's death to another hoping to spread the word of peace. But as Kino recalls her past — and how she chose not to intervene — she cannot help remembering an encounter with a dying wise man that ultimately proved that even observers can have an effect.

Differences in Media

  • Though the anime episode is subtitlted -Love and Bullets-, both sections of "Her Journey" are featured in the episode.