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Coliseum (Part 1) -Avengers-
Kanji コロシアム(前編)
Romaji Koroshiamu (Zenpen)
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Season 1
Episode 6
Air date May 20, 2003
Three Men Along the Rails -On the Rails-
Coliseum (Part 2) -Avengers-


When Kino stops off in a country reputed to be a beautiful and wondrous place, she finds that the reality is far different from her expectations. Thanks to the laws laid down by the land's cruel and hedonistic king, all visitors must participate in battle tournaments or be subjected to lives of slavery as second-class citizens. Forced to abide by this custom, Kino takes gun in hand and enters the coliseum, but how she will fare in the life-or-death battles against a variety of opponents who are each driven to fight by their own, unique motives?.