「Amidst the Forest」 —Lost in the Forest— (「森の中で」 ("Mori no Naka de") —Lost in the Forest—) is the Prologue・Epilogue of the first volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—. It has been given both an anime and manga iteration.

In true Sigsawa order, the prologue is 「Amidst the Forest・b」 —Lost in the Forest・b— and the epilogue is 「Amidst the Forest・a」 —Lost in the Forest・a—.


「Amidst the Forest・a」 —Lost in the Forest・a—

The epilogue picks up from where Kino kicks out the fire. She states that she herself is confused, but loves traveling. She states that while she sees much sadness and death in her travels, she finds this as her way to find her way out of her confusion. She adds that since she is the one deciding on her travels, she is free to stop anytime.

「Amidst the Forest・b 」—Lost in the Forest・b—

The Prologue starts with Kino and Hermes in the forest, by a campfire. Hermes comments on how, as a motorrad, he is meant to be moving, and since they have set up camp in a dark forest, he is not quite thrilled to be at a standstill. He inquires Kino to why humans, and, particularity why she travels, as she gets into dangerous situations and "keep almost getting killed". He states that traveling is hard for Kino, and with her expertise in persuaders, she could have easily found work anywhere, or at least, decided to travel with Shizu.

While Kino agrees, she doesn't answer him and instead kicks out the fire.

Amidst the Forest is shown as the prologue and epilogue of the first episode of the Kino no Tabi 2017 season. It plays before the opening and ending credits in reverse order, following the novel format.