「Amidst the Desert」 Beginner's Luck (砂漠の真ん中で」 ("Sabaku no Mannaka de") —Beginner's Luck—) is the Prologue・Epilogue of the second volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—. It also serves as the prologue and epilogue of the 2017 manga illustrated by Iruka Shiomiya.

In true Sigsawa fashion, the prologue is 「Amidst the Desert・b」 —Beginner's Luck・b— and the epilogue is 「Amidst the Desert・a」 —Beginner's Luck・a—.

「Amidst the Desert・a」 —Beginner's Luck・a— also appears as the prologue to Episode 1 of the 2003 anime, while「Amidst the Desert・b」 —Beginner's Luck・b— appears as the epilogue of the final episode of the 2003 anime.

It depicts Kino and Hermes on what seems to be the true beginning of their continuous journey along the series.


 「Amidst the Desert・a」—Beginner's Luck・a—

The epilogue begins with Kino in a desert, trying to collect water from a well. Unfortunately, it has dried up and she is unable to retrieve any at all, to her disappointment.

Hermes reveals that they had left secretly without telling Shishou, and are running out of options, as Kino could possibly die from dehydration. He suggests they return home, but Kino refuses, saying that though she did not want to return home, she also did not want to die.

She states that all a travelers need is a little bit of luck, as it begins to start raining.

「Amidst the Desert・b」—Beginner's Luck・b—

The prologue starts with a downpour of rain in the desert, in which Kino is gleefully laughing at her luck. She asks Hermes on his opinion of the situation, in which he comments that while he is not amused, he is finding himself with mixed emotions.

He asks her what to do next, and she replies that she does not know, but also does not find a reason to worry.

The prologue ends with the comment that the rain may not stop for quite a while.

Differences in Media

  • There are no differences in the novel, anime and manga adaptations, except for minor indescribable details, such as Kino's age.