「Amidst the Clouds」 —Blinder— (「雲の中で」 ("Kumo no Naka De") —Blinder—) is the Prologue・Epilogue of the third volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—. It has been adapted to anime form in 2017.

Despite the episode being titled after this chapter, its main focus is actually on Before the Clouds —Eye-Opener— as the introduction to Photo and Sou.


「Amidst the Clouds・a」 —Blinder・a—

Kino and Hermes arrive at a camp high up in the mountains where they come across about thirty corpses and two fully loaded trucks. With the use of a sniping scope, Kino sees all of the bodies foaming at the mouth and skin green - the physical aftereffects of ingesting a poisonous plant that was used in the soup for their dinner.

Kino explains to Hermes that a similar herb grows elsewhere, but the one that grows in this high of an altitude is poisonous. She comments that the people must have died the night before, not knowing that it would result in their death. She states that it is a sight that she does not wish to see, in which Hermes suggests she close her eyes.

「Amidst the Clouds・b」 —Blinder・b—

The prologue begins with Kino and Hermes in a thick fog, with Hermes asking if Kino could see anything, in which she replies that she cannot. He suggests that they perhaps wait it out, commenting that it was magnificent that they were unable to see anything at all, though they would be able to see again soon.

Kino comments on that if the travelers had just a little bit if information, or if the two of them had arrived a day earlier, that the caravan would have survived. Hermes tells her to not be so hard on herself as there was nothing that could be done at this point, in which she agrees and comments on how it is possible for her to one day end up in similar circumstances. She asks her motorrad if she would have known herself, for him to reply with, "who knows?"

Difference in Media

Not much difference between the anime and novel iteration - though it seems that 「Amidst the Clouds・b」 —Blinder・b— is slightly condensed in anime form. The end of the prologue also ends with a beautiful view of the mountain, which is not mentioned in the novel.