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Aibou (相棒) is Shishou's traveling partner. He eventually settles down in the Kind Land, where he runs a persuader shop.

Appearance and Personality

Aibou is described in the novel as short but handsome. He kept his persuader, nicknamed "Woodsman" on his left hip. Aibou is left-handed, as shown by Woodsman's original design, with its safety, slide stop and magazine catch on the right.

In his old age, Aibou seems to enjoy his sleep and spoke rudely when awoken abruptly. However, he seemed to lighten up in spirit when he saw Canon in Kino's hands, and even lent them a replacement .45 caliber double-action revolver and bullets during the duration of the repairs.

Near the end of Kino's stay, he gifts them with Woodsman, stating that because of his age, he was no longer able to travel, but wanted his persuader to continue its journey. During their firing practice with the Woodsman, he also remodelled its holster to its current configuration.


  • When Kino meets Aibou (his name is not given at this time, he is only referred to as Persuader Smith) in another country, he inquires about Shishou, only for Kino to say they didn't know who Shishou was. They later state that they were instructed by Shishou to say so for their own safety, and wondered what she had done in the past. 
  • Aibou is referred to as deshi in the 2017 Tasuketsu Drama, however, the credits list him as 相棒 (Aibou).
  • The Travel Guide lists his name as 相棒 (partner) translates it to "Buddy".
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