「A Peaceful Land」—Mother's Love— (「平和な国」 ("Heiwana Kuni") —Mother's Love—) is the sixth and final chapter of the first volume of Kino's Journey —the Beautiful World—.

The chapter has been adapted into manga and anime form.


Kino and Hermes visit a land that prides itself on a being a peaceful nation, but on entering the country, they soon realize that all is not as it seems. For, while abandoned military equipment litters the streets, on the outskirts of town, an army is training for a war to be held on the following day. Curious as to these contradictions, Kino visits the local museum to find out more about the history of this land, only to discover firsthand that this nation's definition of 'peace' is far more disturbing than she could have envisioned...

Differences in Media