The Land Without the Need for Work is a country where the people no longer have to work, but choose to subject themselves to meaningless and stressful tasks anyway.


The Land Without the Need for Work is a land where the technology is incredibly advanced, even more so then the Country of Visible Pain. They're unique in the series as while most countries seem to have a primitive technological level still using horses and wagons or primitive machines, they are very advanced beyond anything yet invented in real life, even possessing hover technology. They have advanced to the point where people do not need to do any work, but they do anyway; they do office work double-checking and refiling the calculations the machines have already figured out just to see how close they came. This is how they divide up; the machines do all the business with other countries and take in the money but since the people don't work they use stress to decide how to divide up the profits; the machines read the stress and that's how they divide up their money.


The people have machines do all the meaningless labour but their lives are by no means stress free. They resign himself to do hours of meaningless paperwork double checking the numbers they know the machines have already add up correctly.

Money distribution and stress levels

Machinery is tasked to do all the productive work and make money, but since it is done so by machinery, how do the citizens divide up the process between themselves? The answer was they would work by double checking the machine’s work. However, this is completely pointless as the machines are way too advanced to make any mistakes. They only do it for the sole purpose of imposing stress, which is monitored by the machines. According to their country rules, the more stress one has, the more money one may be allotted to.


They are the most advanced and modernized country in the world, possessing super computers, hover transports, and advanced mechanical aids. They also have robots for all the menial jobs, and the machines make money by handling all trade and business with other countries. This is ironic in a sense, as such things where probably created to make life easer and least stressful, but it just wound up making them want more stress all in the blind pursuit of money and self-fulfillment.


This country is a metaphor for Sisyphus, the King of Ephyra. In Greek mythology, Sisyphus tied up Death so no one would die. As punishment, he was cursed to push a rock up hill everyday, only to watch it fall but down at night. The people made life easier for themselves only to cause "stress" onto themselves.