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A Country Where People Can Kill Others
Kanji 人を殺すことができる国
Romaji Hito o Korosu Koto ga Dekiru Kuni
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Season 1
Episode 1
Air date Oct 6, 2017

The country where people can kill others is the first country that Kino encounters in the first episode of the 2017 season.


Kino encounters a gunslinger, intending to settle in the country ahead where murder is legal. He believes it is perfect for him and hopes to meet Mr. Legal, an infamous serial killer. The gunslinger asks Kino to take half of his belongings ahead for him, but she refuses. Upon arriving in the country, Kino is surprised to find that the people living there are peaceful and friendly, despite being armed. During her three day stay, she meets and befriends a kindly old man who believes Kino might fit in with them and asks her to stay, but she declines. As she is about to leave, the gunslinger she met earlier demands that Kino hand over her belongings as "compensation", but she refuses. He draws his gun to kill her, but much to his shock, the locals stop him with arrows from a crossbow. The old man tells him that although killing is "not prohibited", it does not equate to being "permitted". Killing is only allowed to punish those who plan or commit murder. The distraught gunslinger is then killed by the old man who reveals himself to be Legal. After leaving, Kino encounters another traveler escaping a country of violence and killing, and she tells him the country she just left is perfect for him.


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